Saturday, April 24, 2010

spring is here

took this on my phone as i pulled into our driveway. couldn't pass up the opportunity. we've had so many gray, rainy days. i'll take it over snow!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010


hey. is there anyone out there? trying to decide if i should resurrect this blog. its been so long. i had to retreive/reset my password. not sure i have much interesting to write about or if anyone would even see this... hmm.
oh - this is jordan's latest creation! isn't it beautiful!? it is my birthday present. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

be informed

You guys. I feel so strongly that it is extremely important for us to be informed! I have never been good at following politics, but I am doing my best! This presidential election is vital and I think it is our duty as Christians to be informed, inform others, and vote!

This is FANTASTIC! Please read!

my sweet love, neice Susanna turned ONE!!!!! isn't she beautiful?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

sleep talking

so we've had a couple funny nights lately. a couple nights ago i was totally laughing in my sleep. jordan woke up and thought maybe he was talking in his sleep and i was laughing at him! but no, he woke me up saying, "what are you laughing at? . . . . what's so funny???" he was actually starting to get a little irritated cuz he still thought i was laughing at him, when really i just was still asleep laughing at my funny dream! so i told him! it was a really silly dream about his mom, believe it or not!!! ha!

then last night i woke up really confused . . . i woke up to jordan's voice, but he wasn't in bed with me anymore. he was out in the living room or something. aparently he couldn't sleep after a while and left the room. he thought i woke up calling for him or something, but i guess i was talking in my sleep and really HE woke ME up!

that's not the first episode of him waking up to me laughing either. he says, "i guess you're just a really happy person when you sleep." ha. but truly sleeping does make me really happy. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

what i love lately

perfect temperature days (not hot or cold, just inbetween)

cool evenings and nights sleeping with the windows open and all the covers up, cuddled up to my hubby!

our kitten, mel, who is the only left of 3. the other brothers/sisters died. but mel is so fun and sweet. so lovey

the excitement of getting a new puppy! we pick him up sunday or monday! i've been wanting a puppy for so long! i'll post pics when we have him. any good name ideas for a male?

coffee dates! i'm meeting up with a friend to get some coffee and take her kids to the park.

being home when jordan comes home for lunch or just to pick something up.

seeing the smile on jordan's face when he realizes i'm baking his favorite cookies.

my sweet neices and nephews. all the cutest kids ever! and they live so far. i'm going through withdrawls.


i'm really missing my siblings lately. julia and her family are up in wisconsin. naomi is in colorado. and dave is in germany - soon to be iraq!

Monday, August 18, 2008

been a while

hey blog world! its been a while, huh? do you guys all have "my space" too?
so jordan and just got back from a long weekend with my fam! we left thursday afternoon. stopped at walmart and picked up a bunch of take-and-bake pizza's, stuff for rootbeer floats, shells and stuff to shoot blue rock, and a birthday present for my neice since we left the original one at home!
my brother, david, and sister, naomi, her husband and 2 kids all met us at my parents house. it was a weekend of fun, relaxing, entertaining and being entertained by kids, lots of food (too much), lots of swinging in the hammock, church, listening to my dad preach, baby dedication for 5.5 month old chub-scout nephew, lots and lots of hugs and kisses. . . etc.
what a blessing and a refreshing weekend to be together. we really missed julia, her hubby and 2 kids who are in wisconsin. they have a busy week closing on their house and moving next saturday out of their 2-bedroom apartment! yay! i'm so excited for them! i don't think they'll know what to do with all the rooms and space at first!

my brother has this week in colorado then flies to Germany. so it was a really sad goodbye. i'm proud that he's in the army. but its also really scary to me. to all of us. please pray for him.

hey did you guys see a few days ago, Rick Warren (who wrote Purpose Driven Life) interviewed OBama and McCain at his chuch - Saddleback Church in California. My mom taped it so i have McCain's yet to watch. Interesting. That's all I'm gonna say.

hopefully i'll get a few pics up soon!